Home Selling Tips

Our real estate expertise can make selling your home simple and easy. Selling your home can be a long process, but these tips can make it as quick and as effortless as possible.

Start your search by understanding your home value Selling your home can be a lot of work. Instead of trying to navigate the process by yourself, a real estate agent or broker can provide clarity and advice surrounding any issues or concerns you have. Plus, agents understand buying behavior, trends, and have access to a wide network of potential home buyers.
Marie Kondo your home Marie Kondo is a Japanese home organizing specialist who emphasizes tidying up and reducing clutter for a more joyful way of living. By tidying up and decluttering your spaces, not only will you have less to pack, but visitors will be able to see the bones of your home without unnecessary distractions. It also makes it easier for people to envision their own items in your space.
Keep things squeaky clean Cleanliness is paramount when it comes to first impressions. A potential buyer will be suspicious of a home that doesn’t feel clean. Prospective buyers may wonder if other, less obvious parts of your home have not been kept up either. In addition, strong odors such as pet smells or mildew can easily turn away visitors (especially ones with allergies). Keeping your space clean will make your home feel inviting and move-in ready.
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Emphasize storage A lack of storage can pose a major issue for buyers. Emphasize your home’s dimensions and storage spaces by getting rid of anything you don’t need, organizing your space, and not stuffing loose items into the closet. Buyers like to open doors where people sometimes hide their messy stuff. Don’t fall into this trap. Instead, minimize your items to maximize your storage optics.
Lighten up Dim spaces appear dingy and gloomy to prospective homebuyers. Many buyers are turned off by dark spaces. They just don’t photograph well and generally do your home a disservice. To combat this, make sure your home is getting as much bright light as possible. That could mean painting the walls a lighter color, replacing dark or heavy curtains, or turning on all the lights in the home. Buyers will notice a difference.
Keep Fido at Grandma’s house Not everyone has a great relationship with animals. In fact, some people are afraid or have strong allergies. Leaving a dog or cat at home can deter potential buyers from wanting to see your home. It’s important that buyers view your home without worrying about an animal following or bothering them. In these cases, we advise bringing your pet somewhere else while visitors check out your place.
Get a great photographer When it comes to buying a home, first impressions matter. And Realty.ca is basically the Tinder of home selling (kidding). On a serious note, bad pictures can scare off potential buyers while great pictures can draw in crowds. Your real estate agent can generally help you find an expert photographer who can make your home shine.
Maintain everything You never know when your agent is going to give you a call about an interested buyer. It could be this weekend or it could be in an hour. Save yourself the stress of panicked cleaning and pushing clothes under the bed last minute. Instead, keep your home neat, tidy, and ready for viewings around the clock. That way when you get the call, your home will be ready to show.